Soccer Season

Youngest Son is a bit more enthusiastic than he is talented, as far as the sport of soccer is concerned. But we get out on a Saturday morning, and the weather has been quite nice for the games, and we get to interact with other parents and children on a level we aren’t able to at PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences. Last weekend was especially nice, as Youngest went home with a friend to spend the night, and Hubby and I got to stop at Art 2010 on the way home. (Wow, there are some talented artists in Richmond. I’m jealous, I admit. I wish I had some skill like that.) And the team that beat Youngest’s team 2-1 is the 3 year league champs, so Oldest magnanimously congratulated Youngest on only losing by one. In his mind, that’s a win.

Anyhoo, here’s Youngest, just burning up those calories:


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