Mother of three (boys!), wife of one (also boy), living in Richmond, VA.

Reader. Writer. Tryer. Sometimes Accomplisher.


4 responses to “About

  1. Where in the hell are the other two boys?

  2. Yo, I’ve had this site like three days? I haven’t found a photo with all the boys I like enough, yet. They’re all on the front page, in the BANNER, for goshsakes!

  3. lol — I’d have made up a story. Say the boys are all in the picture, just hiding. Or that they all 3 used to be in the photo, but mysteriously faded out…

    BTW — I’m curious how you pulled my photo for the comment, is it some wordpress plugin? Maybe that’s an AIM photo of me? It’s not a terribly flattering picture (of me), but it could be worse.

  4. Have a nice day !

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