Back to the Blogosphere

Scalzi said it was a rule that when you start a blog, or restart after long absence, there must be a pic of a cat. So here you go:

It’s been over a year since my last post. Things are pretty much the same. Same husband. Same kids. We’re all just a little bit older now. New dogs!

Cute, huh? And very entertaining.

The famdamnily returned from a vacation at Bryce Resort last week. Honestly, it was kinda boring, as we don’t play golf and that’s about all there really is to do around there. The nearest town (Mt. Jackson) is about 15 miles away on twisty mountain roads. But we had the pool, a nice townhouse, beautiful weather, and the highlight of the trip, the zipline.

It took about an hour for 10 separate zips. The boys loved it.

And then there is the beautiful scenery of the Shenandoah mountains.

All in all, a good trip.


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