Phone Intensity

I have a problem with cell phones. I can’t seem to hang on to them. Last summer, I jumped in the pool with my phone. Smart, huh? One time, my youngest used my phone to stir the commode. Fun. One phone dropped (along with the rest of my purse) into the Chesapeake. (Hey, it was either the kid or the purse!) The purse was eventually recovered by my father, but the phone was a wash (nyuk, nyuk). Maybe my problem isn’t with phones, but with water? Hmmm… Nah, the last one had a glitch in it’s whatjamacallit so I couldn’t charge it, and as I’d been through so many phones already, my insurance company wouldn’t pay for a new one, so I had to accept this POS loner for a few months until my contract renewed and I could get…. (drumroll, please!):

The Samsung Intensity II!!!

Now, I’m not too much of  a gadget geek, though I like a good toy as much as the next nerd. But as far as a phone goes, I don’t need it to watch TV or tell me when to turn left, or any of the new things these mortgage-the-house phones can do. I’m also leery of touch-screens. I don’t need to do much with my phone – I want to be able to talk on it, send the occasional text message, and play a good game of Sudoku or Trivial Pursuit when I’m sitting around bored. This phone works great for that.

I also want to carry a photo or two of my kids around with me, which I FINALLY figured out how to do, after two email exchanges with Verizon and an hour or so of fiddling around on my own, as the emails from Verizon were essentially useless. But I finally figured it out, and uploaded some of my favorite kid pics, and now I’m happy.

What I’ve read about this phone online is that it’s a good “starter phone”, basically a cheap option for your teenager so they can Facebook and send a thousand texts and whatnot. Well, I’m not a teenager, I don’t send a thousand texts, and I don’t Facebook. This phone works great for me anyway. The keyboard is clumsy, but what pint-sized qwerty keyboard isn’t? It’s much better than hitting the number keys over and over like I used to. The camera isn’t the best, but again, it’s a phone. I have a camera when I need a camera. It’s nice that the camera option is available if I get caught unawares, but I’m not planning on having a gallery opening or anything, so this camera works fine for me. The screen is lovely, the flip-out keyboard is fun, my oldest son says he hates me because he likes my phone better than his, and the coup de grace, it was free. (Well, I had to sign up for another two years, but I was gonna do that anyway.) What more can one ask for?


One response to “Phone Intensity

  1. Hey if you do drop a phone in water (touch wood you don’t), I discovered a neat trick! Seal the phone in a jar of uncooked rice for a few hours… the rice absorbs everything pretty efficiently and restores you to working order in no time!
    I really have to stop dropping my phones in the loo.

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