Throwing Shoes

Someone Threw a Shoe at My President.


I have disliked this man since he was first introduced to me. I didn’t like him, didn’t like his politics, didn’t like his face. I didn’t vote for him.


I didn’t like the holier-than-thou affront which they hit us with, while hiding skeletons in their own closets. I didn’t like the call-to-arms they offered. I didn’t like the money dripping off of them, the unreachable legacy behind them. I didn’t like the way they tried to make decisions for me, without asking me first.


I did like the way he threw a ball. Well done.


I didn’t like the way they wage war. I think they were unjust.


But when my President had to duck from a shoe, I was embarrassed for my country.


Whether I like the man or not (And I think I do; while I strongly disagree with him, I think I actually like him), who was watching out for Our Man? The best trained defense force in the history of the world let some angst-ridden idiot throw not one, but both shoes at My Man?


I’m a little stirred up about that.


No matter what else, he is the President of the United States. He has earned and deserves my respect. I could not do his job, and he did better than I ever would have. He has earned the respect of his position and title, and all proud Americans will recognize that.


I offer my sincere apology to my President. If I had been there, I would’ve tried harder, been better. I wouldn’t have let you be embarrassed that way.


Because whatever ‘lame duck’ jokes get passed down, you did what I could never have done, and in a crazy time. I think history will treat you more kindly than the current world is doing. I think the future will show your worth.


Don’t get me wrong – I campaigned for Obama. But I love you. You are my President. You took me through some tough times. (Occasionally, you did it with a really silly face.)


I am a Patriot. You are the President. I would die for you, as you are more important than I am.








4 responses to “Throwing Shoes

  1. I wish he hit him. Our president is to blame for our country being in the worst condition since the depression. He, and his damn cronies, deserve nothing but my scorn. I am sure his legacy will be a mark of shame for centuries.

  2. He was a disaster. He allowed corporateers to run the government. Environmental initiatives were dismantled, financial institutions ran amok, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, he squandered a surplus, he refused to listen to the Clinton administrations’ warnings about al queda, on and on … Your blind loyalty is perplexing. It is what fascist theocracies bank on.

  3. Perhaps you missed my point – it’s the symbol and the position I respect, not the man. He was a lousy President, but he’s still the President.

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