My Buddy Bill

Hubby and I had a rare (and appreciated!) moment of ease, and as we both like stand-up comedy, we searched the channels. The only thing available was this no-name show which appeared to be full of Bill Clinton jokes. As we are both still feeling the sting (I know, we should get over it, already) of our Democratic leader losing the White House in shame, we didn’t think we’d like this show. We ignored it.

Two weeks later, and it was still there, double-dog-daring us. We avoided it again, successfully tuning to reruns of Ninja Warrior or Burn Notice.

But the damned thing wouldn’t go away. So we decided to face the demon.

I haven’t laughed that hard in years.

It was not what I expected.

Here’s this complete goombah, Rick Cleveland, who through chance and association with Aaron Sorkin, was in the right place at the right time, while Buddy was “piddling” on the rug in the Oval Office. Next come tennis balls, walks on the beach, double-dates with the angry Clintons, a jam session at Billy-Bob’s house, and an unscheduled hop to Amsterdam (with Christopher Walkin).

Whether this is considered stand-up comedy (and it shouldn’t be – dude’s a writer, but not a performer), or as I’m thinking on par with Hal Holbrook doing Mark Twain, it made me laugh out loud. And think a little better of our past President. And his Wife.

Rick always looked approriately stunned that he was speaking to the President.

The moment where he made ‘drummer face #5’ while jamming to Queen’s “Under Pressure” with Roger, Bill, and Billy Bob is priceless.

This is not stand-up comedy. This is history.


2 responses to “My Buddy Bill

  1. So now I want to know the name of the show so I can set the Tivo. We all need a good laugh!

  2. I changed the post, so now it shows that it’s Rick Cleveland, on Comedy Central. And it’s my ‘Buddy’ instead of my ‘friend’. My bad.

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