What the HELL?

So, I’m checking up after my boys. They spend a little time online, so I go and sweep up after them (much like the real world).

Every once in a while I come across something I wish I hadn’t seen, and we all have to have a talk (nothing horrid – I employ filters, people!) (like when the object of the game was to make our President (GW) hit as many obsticles and bleed as often as possible. Eldest thought this was funny. Many hours of ‘room time’ later, I convinced him that the President of the United States of America was to treated with respect in our home, realistically and virtually. No matter what Daddy says about gas prices…)

I was completely unprepared for Mama Mia!. Hugh Jackman? Used to think he was SO doable. But so many more I respect. Meryl. Holy God, that’s Colin Firth. With the hottie from ‘Big Love’. My heart is broken wide open. We have another ‘Moulin Rouge’ on our hands? Aaaahhh!

What could they be thinking?!


One response to “What the HELL?

  1. Gaaaa…me too, me too.

    Have they no shame?? x

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