We’re Back

I’ve been working on a lovely video of our vacation, with pictures of smiling children and gorgeous vistas. But youngest found this video on YouTube, and said, “Mommy, this is you and Dad.”

How can you argue with this? (Jack McManus. He rocks.)

At the risk of giving anyone the wrong idea, I am very much happily married to my Hubby, and we’re not arguing about anything. But I thought this video was sweet, as it exemplifies the gulf between man and woman that so often happens. And when she stuck her tongue out at him (mature disagreement, that) I laughed out loud. And her smug and bitchy attitude, coupled with his baffled expression, really hit home.

It gave me pause, that this is what our son thinks of us. I admit to feeling a bit of shame. I guess I should feel good, though, because both people look good in the end, and wind up together and smiling. Our son looks at us and our petty disagreements and foibles, and sees us smiling at each other at the end of the day. She’s beaming with love. He’s wearing a face of pure joy. (Please, just let me live with my delusions. It costs you nothing.)

That, and she plays tennis like I do. (My Uncle is a Pro, and I took lessons for two years, and I still hit myself on the head.)

We may not look like we care, but we do…

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