Killing Uncle Bob, Part Deux.

Wow. Three posts in one day! I’m on a roll…

It occurs to me that the ‘Killing Uncle Bob’ part in my recent post doesn’t make sense. Until you hear it in context.

When learning how to fight with a sword, you must recognize that if you screw up, you’re going to undo the man standing behind you. In our little play, we called him ‘Uncle Bob.” All three of the boys murdered said ‘Uncle Bob’. They swung their swords so wildly, they killed anyone who ‘had their backs’.

The only member of my family who did not issue an untimely death to his relatives was Hubby. I wonder where he learned to use a sword?

Here’s Youngest Son, killing Uncle Bob:

Here’s Hubby, issuing a cathartic war cry:

And here’s Middle Son, committing a family massacre:


4 responses to “Killing Uncle Bob, Part Deux.

  1. Well, there is this story about a machette and a cocconut…

  2. Ah. That explains it. The mechete turns to a sword. I’m going to have to blog that story. (“Would you like a cocconut, miss?”)

  3. OH, NO YOU WON’T!!

  4. Hee!

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