Back in the USS-A

I have been remiss in my blogging – I admit it.

I have also been remiss in my blog reading, which is much more fun and adventurous for me, so I can truly apologize for that! (Y’all have been busy!) I miss you folks, and am truly glad y’all are still here.

But here is the real reason I have been remiss – other then the medical/dental issues, which I believe I have already mentioned (ahem) – this is pretty much all my life has been this month:

And who wants to read about that?

But here comes another season – all good serials take a break, right? (Hubby is orgasmic that ‘Burn Notice’ is coming back.)

I think I mentioned that Hubby and I are ‘Summer Fill-in’ kinda people. So bring on the Summer!

And I have a few things to mention.

The Obama explosion is one of the things I will give a nod to from day to day – though I won’t get nutters about it. I am an Obama girl, no doubt, but there are others doing my work, and I won’t bother to mention it unless compelled.

I have three children to make summer dreams come true for. Daunting. I have season tickets to an amusement park, a pool membership, and a tourist book. Y’all are going to learn more about Richmond, VA, than you ever wanted to know.

I plan to take my boys to Jamestown. And Yorktown. And the Capitol Building of the Confederacy. And many more – we live in Richmond. The opportunities for history are endless, and incredibly boring for a seven, eight, and twelve year-old. My job is to make history interesting.

My son just asked me how to spell ‘Barbie’. Yeep.




3 responses to “Back in the USS-A

  1. yeep

  2. Welcome back to the Intert00bs. 🙂

  3. Thanks, man!

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