Recent Family Life

Before I go – here’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to these past weeks. Big Bro turned 40, but since we celebrated at his softball game and it was dark, I have no pics of him. But the same weekend, we visited Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and I got these:

The highlight of their weekend – the ride in Grandpa’s convertible.


They look innocent, but they were in the process of spitting into the pond to try to attract the fish. Blech.

I want this bench in my back yard.


3 responses to “Recent Family Life

  1. what gorgeous pics, sugar! makes me think of my boys when they were that young! *sighing* xox

  2. Ah you’re back – nothing for ages then I’ve got all this catching up to do! Great bench. I want one too x

  3. I would pay real money for one of those – and I don’t do gardens like y’all do. It’s gotta be scary money…

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