Damn You, Atlanta!

So, before too long I won’t be welcome anywhere, as I keep damning people. Well, you know, I’m unlikable that way.

Hubby is stuck in Atlanta. Thunder storms and FAA crack-downs have combined to rob me of my husband yet again. He hopes to be home tomorrow by lunch. Then he leaves again Sunday.

I’m starting to rethink this whole “need money for food and shelter and whatnot” thing. Maybe we can all go live in a box in Brazil – but with Hubby.

But then there’s that silly car payment…

On the upside, the ABC affiliate in Atlanta apparently interviewed him about airport incompetance. He’s currently feeling smug. If you’re in that area, check him out at 11:00p tonight.


5 responses to “Damn You, Atlanta!

  1. Ugh. SO sympathise. My Hubby is stuck working in the Uk while I’m here in Ireland refereeing fights between small boys, picking up dog poo, moving the lawn and basically being Dad/Mum combined. Sucks, doesn’t it.

  2. I forgot to mention the Dog! You are, in fact, my soul-sister. Right down to the lawn (which Hubby doesn’t want to either mow or pay for…)

    So what to do now? Eldest is hitting teen with a vengeance. Got any advice?

  3. sorry to amplify the distress, I’ll take ryan and explain the live by the sword die by the sword philosiphy

  4. Jeez we were separated at birth. My eldest hits the big 13 next month. Little’un just wants to be with his Dad but #1 is certain his future is here and doesn’t see why we should move just to be nearer Dad’s work. ‘I mean, I can be the man of the house when he’s not here’. Hmmm. Go and mow the bloody lawn then.

  5. been there, done that, sugar…and lived as an expat overseas for 4 years (with 3 boys & 1 girl) i feel your pain! xox
    (remind me to tell you my air france story about a flight the hubby was on)

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