Go away, scary people!

One of my visitors searched me out with “What does it mean when I crap on myself?”


How did he get to me? Seriously, how did he get HERE?

Laughing is the only thing I can do, cuz…  ick.

Where do you people come from?

I’m thinking of poor Scalzi, with his 10,000 per day. He must hit delete without any thought, and smile at the spam-filter.

I, on the other hand, am a little person (online-wise). I have friends and family who come here, and catch up.  My grandfather visits here. When weirdo child-molester ass-wipes pays me a visit, I am completely creeped.

What are you people thinking? No, really. You could not actually be thinking. When two years of my life and my loves and my children are all here for your perusal, you choose ‘Hot Wrestling Women’ as the top post?


You are the reason people don’t want to connect. You are what we’re afraid of. I have met some terrific people online, (Meabh just had a similar post, in fact) but you make me afraid to even try. Shame, so much shame, on you.

But I will win. I will keep posting, even though I know you sick (people?)  are lurking. I will visit those folks whom I know and trust are not creepy, and I will keep on keeping on. I trust they will do the same.

I will delete you, and block you, and shout to the rooftops with my addlepated YAWP that you are not the majority (God, I hope not).

Information may want to be free, but it certainly does not want to be in your hands, you sick fucks.

Stay away from me.


2 responses to “Go away, scary people!

  1. Yeah, right, nice, wholesome post. What was that 5th word from the end, again?

  2. So I’m imperfect. Sue me.

    (Oh, wait – you CAN’T! Bwahahahahaaa!)

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