Weekend in Washington (or Damn You Canada! part deaux)

Hubby’d had a rough coupl’a weeks. Away from home, foreign currency, lots of snow… These are the easy parts of life on the road. So Hubby blew off the last day of work, thumbed his nose at his bosses, and basically handed down the law. “I’m on the plane before the next snow hits,” says my Lancelot. (Ooops. Maybe I should say my Percival. Safer for me.)

Hubby lands at Dulles, and he’s done. So he suggests that I collect our baggage (otherwise known as our children), and meet him in DC. He’s tired, still has work to do in the Reston office, and really doesn’t want to drive anymore. Having driven with Hubby while he’s stressed, I’m thinking this is the best plan. I pack. I collect. I move.

Many hours, and many missed turns later (dammit, I grew up here. It’s truly offensive to me that I no longer know how to get around in my own home town), the boys and I are hangin’ with the Hubby. The boys think this is a grand adventure. I think it’s a chance to have my family in one place at one time. Both are good. (And we have this weekend care of Marriott Points, that Hubby doesn’t have to pay out of pocket.  Also good.)

The boys have to sleep on the floor, because the mattress on the hide-a-bed isn’t really a mattress, but a foam thing they laid over springs. And when Hubby calls the desk and says, “Um, can we not expect better than this?” they respond with, “Absolutely, Mr. Spends-Lots-of-Money, and we’ll Get Right On It. Tomorrow.” Hubby is incensed. But we’re all tired. We put the boys on the floor.

Then we get up. And go down for our ‘complimentary’ breakfast. Belgian Waffles. (That I have to make myself. And some guy stole one of them!) Luckily, this is all before Hubby makes an appearance. Or things might’ve gone bad.

After breakfast, we drive to East Falls Church, and hop on the Metro. The boys absolutely LOVE the metro. I’m not sure where the fun is, but they love it, and that’s cool. They especially love the escalators. Whatever.

We ride the Metro to Eastern Market. This is one of my favorite Washington spots. It’s a huge flea market every weekend. But this weekend, the rain is threatening, so there aren’t that many people about. Silly people. We meet up with one of Hubby’s friends who lives on the Hill, and tour the Market.

A little while ago, Eastern Market caught fire, so now it’s being rebuilt. Here’s Eastern Market, post-fire:


They’re rebuilding (obviously), so they moved the Market to a temporary facility across the street:


The boys aren’t as thrilled with Eastern Market as I am, because it smells of fish. (Obviously, because there are many fresh fish for sale. DC is on the river, after all.) But the boys behave fairly well, and we all have a nice time. I really enjoyed meeting Hubby’s friend (Wayne), who lives around the corner. I lived on Capitol Hill in my single days, a few blocks away on the other side of Penn, so it was nice to catch up with the neighborhood.

Then we take ourselves to the coffee shop on the corner, and Wayne feeds the boys sugar. All is suddenly right with their world…


We say goodbye to Wayne…


… and head off to an ill-advised attempt at sushi on Pennsylvania Avenue (we arrived immediately after a busload of tourists. The food was fine, but very, very slow). We board the Metro again, and travel two stops to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.



The only exhibit I’m interested in (the Origins of Man) is closed for construction, so we tour the dinosaurs and the mammals, and wrestle our way through the bustling crowds (the Smithsonian is never good on Saturday), until the only person paying attention any more is Mom, and all my men are ready to go home…


So it’s to home (or rather, to the Marriott) we go. Another fun trip on the Metro (Hubby let the boys stand and hold the poles this time – what fun!), and we’re back at the hotel.

I dropped ‘Hubby and the Boys’ (doesn’t that sound like a cool name for a band?) at the hotel for a nap (which they didn’t take – they played cards instead), and headed off to my BFF’s house for a visit (I need to get back home more often). Then I picked up the family, and we had dinner with the Grand ‘Rents. I didn’t take pictures. Sorry. But the dinner was nice. (Except that some very tired boys kept trying to lay down and sleep during the meal.)

Next day, we swam for a while, then headed home (real home this time). Hubby’s on a plane again (to Dallas), but we had a lovely weekend…

4 responses to “Weekend in Washington (or Damn You Canada! part deaux)

  1. Very awesome little vacation!

    Never been to DC myself, or much of anywhere for that matter. 🙂

  2. You have got to be kidding me!I was downtown with my brood on Saturday.We went to see the frog exhibit at the National Geographic Society.Oh and East Fall’s Church is MY bloody stop.

    I want tea!

  3. I wish I’d seen you there! I’m heading north again this weekend. Got a minute?

  4. what a great weekend! for 7 years it was just the hubby, me and our 3 sons, so your tale of meeting a traveling hubby was very familiar! i have so many pics of the 3 boys lined up like that…thanks for the trip down memory lane, sugar! (after the seven years, we had a daughter!)

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