Dreaming of Nigel Terry

Try this one on for a psychoanalytical creep-fest: I had a dream about Nigel Terry last night. Complete with “O Fortuna” soundtrack.

Was it a sexually explicit dream? God, no. That armor looks painful.

We were, in fact, shopping for houseplants at the local garden center.


So what does it mean when your average middle-class housewife shops for plants with King Arthur? Especially considering I am generally considered to have a black thumb? I am bewildered. Perhaps that’s why I remember it so clearly.

I cannot fathom what my subconscious is trying to tell me with this. I haven’t seen ‘Excalibur’ in ten years. Though I consider it to be the best Arthur movie ever made, I don’t spend any time thinking about it. So why now? And why houseplants?

I’m baffled.

*** Because I’m anal about crap like this (or maybe just obsessive), I researched the lyrics to ‘Carmina Burana’:

Sors salutis                        Fate is against me
et virtutis                         in health
michi nunc contraria,               and virtue,
est affectus                        driven on
et defectus                         and weighted down,
semper in angaria.                  always enslaved.
Hac in hora                         So at this hour
sine mora                           without delay
corde pulsum tangite;               pluck the vibrating strings;
quod per sortem                     since Fate
sternit fortem,                     strikes down the string man,
mecum omnes plangite!               everyone weep with me!

Sounds like I’m pretty screwed. With houseplants.


One response to “Dreaming of Nigel Terry

  1. Garden center, eh? Hmm… Sounds dirty to me. AAAAHHHAHAHA

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night.

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