Damn You, Canada!

Hubby is stuck in Toronto for the weekend. Aparently, it’s snowing.

This sucks on many levels:

Due to the nature of his job, Hubby travels during the week, and we only get to see him on weekends. Now it’ll be two weeks with no Hubby.

We had a romantic getaway to DC planned for this weekend. No romance for me! Or Hubby, for that matter.

So now I have a weekend alone. I think I’ll go to DC anyway, and hang with my BFF.

But I’m sad. And kinda pissed.

5 responses to “Damn You, Canada!

  1. Pfffffft. Sorry about that.

    Damn you, Canadia!

  2. ‘Tis a plot you see.They kidnap them to train their operatives in American behaviour.

    Stalinist bastards!

    If you’re ever up in DC again give us a shout and we’ll have lunch or a feed of drink or something.

  3. I would love that! I don’t have any colors to offend you at the metro…

  4. Sorry to hear about the weekend – I can only imagine how that must have sucked.

    I hope you ended up going anyway. Time with BFFs are always valuable.

  5. Oh I wasn’t at all offended.Just smugly victorious over an obscure 30 year old rugby victory.

    Just let me know.

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