Evil Dead – The Musical!

Hubby’s in Toronto. Riding the Metro this morning, he was perusing the local paper, and came across and advertisement for the most amazing thing: Evil Dead, the Musical! Brilliant!

And my passport needs to be renewed. Little chance I can get that done before the show ends…

Maybe they’ll come to DC?


4 responses to “Evil Dead – The Musical!

  1. You don’t necessarily need a passport to enter Canada. You can cross border both ways with proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate – more here.

    There is a rule in place which will require passports sometime in the future (2009?), but the border states and Canada have been strenuously protesting this and it may never come to pass.

  2. I think that’s only if you’re driving. Hubby didn’t have his passport when he started going to Toronto for business, so he had to fly to Buffalo and drive over. That’s a lot of bother for a weekend getaway.

  3. You may be right on driving vs flying. Now that I think about, it the few times I flew into Canada to go to Montreal, Winnipeg or Vancouver I did have my passport with me. I usually don’t have my passport with me when I drive across the border, which is how I usually enter Canada.

    Little know fact: Windsor, Ontario, Canada is the only Canadian city which lies south of the US mainland.

  4. But will Bruce Campbell be in it? If not, well, there’s not much of a point in my book.

    Bruce Campbell… *sigh*

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