Funniest LOLCat I’ve Ever Seen

Now, I know the LOLCat thing is over. But it’s still good for a smile when you need one. I Can Has Cheeseburger is the mega-LOL storehouse, and I can spend some serious time there, laughing my head off.

And I don’t even have cats… Hubby hates them. Odd, as he’s both a Twain fan and a Heinlein fan. I didn’t think people who were into Twain and Heinlein were allowed to dislike cats? Isn’t that one of the rules?


5 responses to “Funniest LOLCat I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Tremendous picture…..I had a go at it myself for a while with LOL WAITERS……got bored very quickly…..

  2. I love me some LOLCats. I don’t care if it dates me when I’m older. (Or now even)

    I actually printed this one out and taped it to the wall, it tickled my funnybone:

  3. wtf? I don’t get it.

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