What’s up in Dubai?

I’ve had nearly 400 hits today from folks searching for the World Islands in Dubai. Is there some new news I’m not up on? ‘Cuz this isn’t normal – I generally only get about 40 hits per day. Something’s up. I think I’m going to netsurf…

2 responses to “What’s up in Dubai?

  1. I won’t grace your comments with some of the lovely things that I get googled for…

    You’ve been to my site, you know the general things I post about. Why, I really want to know, do I get Google hits from people looking for certain actresses lacking apparel?


  2. Why is my top-rated post “Hot Wrestling Women”? Which is absolutely not what the searchers think it’s going to be about. And then there’s the “Mom Sucks” thing. Don’t wanna even go there.

    I just think that we have to take the good with the bad…

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