Lost Season 4 Spoilers

I haven’t been into ‘Lost’ before, but as ABC was kind enough to put all three seasons online in HD for free, I’ve kinda caught up, and I’m somewhat interested in how the whole thing plays out.

That said, I’m not ready for a string-along season that has me sitting still for an hour to watch a show that refuses to answer any questions before posing more and more new ones. Some find this tactic intriguing – I find it frustrating. And I get frustrated enough day to day without doing it to myself on purpose.

So I think I’m going to wait until the season is over, and just catch up with the answers then. Considering the writers strike, this may mean no new programs for me this season (other than Survivor), but that’s OK – I watch too much TV anyway.

Spoilers (what there are of them):

  • (future) Jack becomes a bearded (really ugly beard, in fact) pill-popping drunk. He says he needs to go back to the island, and that he never should have left. (We knew that last season.)
  • (future) Hurley goes nuts, gets in a car chase with the 5-0, and then begs the cops to put him in the funny farm. Charlie (still dead, but looking better than he did all last season) visits Hurley at the funny farm, smacks him in the face, and yells in his ear that “They need you!”
  • (present) Naomi eventually dies from the knife sticking out of her back (yes, yes… we get it already!), but not before Kate finds her, hands her the sat phone, and she’s able to change some numbers so now her buddies really are on the way. Naomi told her buddies that she got hurt jumping in to the island, not that Locke threw a knife the size of Crocodile Dundee’s between her shoulder-blades.
  • (present) Hurley can see and hear Jacob. He finds the experience, um, disconcerting. Running away does no good, and Hurley keeps ending up back at Spooky Cabin, until Locke shows up.
  • (present) Jack would have shot Locke in the face, had there been any bullets in the gun. Poor planning on Jack’s part. Good luck on Locke’s.
  • (present) Everyone chooses sides – Claire, Rousseau, Alex, Karl, Ben, Hurley and Sawyer go with Locke to the Other’s barracks. The rest stay with Jack.
  • (present) Helicopter lands. Dude hops out and sees Jack and Kate. Asks, “Are you Jack?”

See? Not too many answers here. I wonder, if I were to make a chart of questions asked vs. answered (throughout the series, not just tonight), what it might look like? I mean, three years later and we still don’t know what the smoke-monster-thingy is. I haven’t got the patience for that nonsense, however. I’ll just let somebody else do it.


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