I have a question…

(Shawn, I’m looking at you…)

Why are my pictures disappearing? Old posts get a visit, I go to check, and I see big blank spaces with little red x’s.

Wassup with that? Anyone?


2 responses to “Annoying

  1. Hmm… I wonder if you’re using large photos, and perhaps you’ve reached the limit (a measly 100MB I think) offers?

    I’d look in your admin pages, and try to find where they tell you how much space you’ve used. Then, when posting photos, make them like 400×300 JPEGs at “mediumish” quality. (You may already do this, I haven’t gone back to look)

    Drop me an email if you can’t find your usage amount, I’ll poke around my test site and try to find it.

    Otherwise, I’ll keep scratching my head… 🙂

  2. No, haven’t reached the limit, but I did compress some of the pics.

    Hubby says I should get a Flickr site and then just reference the pics instead of uploading them. I may look into that.

    Thanks for the response! Cus you’re got nothing else to do, right?

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