Hubby and the Boyz

This’ll give you some idea of how our holidays went:


Look at my poor Hubby’s face, completely surounded by boyz (but still managing to check the screen – what an adorable nerd). And the baby only has eyes for his Big Brother.

No girlz in sight. Sorry, guyz.

*Yes, the star and ‘z’ thing is a joke. I try to only be an idiot on purpose.


5 responses to “Hubby and the Boyz

  1. That’s me. With more head hair, more facial hair, less glasses, less boys.

    Ok, so it’s not me. But the downtrodden expression and the peering at the screen? That’s me.

  2. I was tired. I love the time with my…really…I do.

  3. That was an interesting day – as it always is when the boys get together.

    I bet girls are tougher, though, in different ways. I’ve always been grateful to be the mother of boys. If I’d had to deal with myself at twelve, well… Homicide isn’t so outside the realm of possibility, is it?

  4. Hubby, I certainly didn’t mean to suggest otherwise…

    And Cam, say it ain’t so!

    I’m thinking of having them cryogenically frozen between the ages of 11 and 21.

  5. Dude? What happened to my photo? Let me see if I can fix this…

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