Give Me These Moments Back

I had a recent 80s flashback. I recovered, with no visible scarring. But I took something home with me:

Does anyone remember Kate Bush? The weepy punkromantic’s icon? The predecessor of the current emo kid?

They haven’t got these tunes today, that I’m aware of. (My boys love that tune about Mom being lost in 1985. But that’s ‘cuz they don’t really know drama. So I say, so it is written.)

This song – and Wurthering Heights – taught me what drama was, when I was still a child. God Bless you, girl.

But again, I’ve strayed from my point.

My point is Tim McInnerny. Check him out. He rocks. Sexy, strong, and sad. (And the fact that he looks kinda like Hubby has NOTHING to do with my appreciation of his theatrical skill. Truly.)

5 responses to “Give Me These Moments Back

  1. Holy crap. That was excellent. Bloody video made me cry.

    In England everyone remembers Kate Bush – new records from her are still an event!

  2. I know! Love her.

    She’s still working? Stupid Americans haven’t twigged to it yet. I’m on my way to the downlaod…

    How ’bout the boy?

  3. She works sporadically, she’s accepted as an enigma doing her own thing… I think she had an album out a couple of years ago though. Means the next one is probably five years away.

    McInnerny is a legend too – he was in one of the best-loved TV shows in the UK possibly ever – Blackadder. Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson and he were awesome. It ran for four series, at different periods in time, including Elizabethan England, and the First World War. Every one was a winner, it’s a brilliant show if you ever get the chance to see it. And you can see your boy in the 4th series, Blackadder Goes Forth, here:
    As it says in the blurb, it was voted second best comedy series ever by the British public, which ain’t bad.

    Last thing I saw him in was the horror comedy Severance, in which he was pretty damn good. Hope that’s enough information to fan the flames.

  4. He deserves better.

    Last I saw him was Notting Hill. Well done, but… Still, well done. I’d do him (sorry

  5. Buying ‘Blackadder’ on right now..

    LOVE historical comedies.

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