Two Hours in Line At the Mall:


And look at those goofballs. I mean, Middle Son looks rediculous. Adorable, but rediculous.


3 responses to “Two Hours in Line At the Mall:

  1. Very adorable. I have no idea how to handle boys though. I have 3 girls, and when friends with boys come over, I’m ridiculously overwhelmed with… BOY STUFF. Fighting, light saber wars, yelling, running, etc. I’m quite comfortable with tea parties and Barbies. The only fights we get are over, “who gets to wear the black shoes.”

    Still, your boys are adorable. 🙂

  2. They’re a handful, and Christmas is not a good behavioral season (counterintuitively. You’d think they’d suck up to Mom in hopes of getting in good with Santa, but no such luck).

    The past two weeks, I thought I’d smash their heads together at least once per day. Eldest son provokes the younger two, then tries to wear the “Who, me?” face. He’s also sarcastic, which is not good when Mama is getting miffed. Middle Son is king of blaming the other guy, and is having an issue with lying right now(dumb lying, too, like trying to tell me he didn’t take something when it’s right there in his hands). Youngest Son is so loud, he just makes you tired. He makes noise constantly. Constantly. You just couldn’t understand… And no amount of punishment has been able to deter them from chasing each other through the house. It’s maddening.

    But, yes, they’re adorable, their good qualities far outweigh the difficult ones, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Still, Barbies and tea parties sound good!

  3. Adorable moppets!
    They look like happy and well-loved boys.
    Santa creeps me out.

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