Burger King gets no more $$ from me…

…and that really is a shame. We don’t do fast food too much in my family, but with three young boys, we opt for fast food on occasion. And when we do, we usually agree on BK as the best option.

But I am so disgusted by the ‘Hit-moms’ ad campaign, the only way I can show my displeasure is to no longer do business with them.

The idea that suburban homemakers (like myself) would be so distressed by a better sandwich that they would band together and hire a hit-man is absurd, upsetting, and when I think that my sons may find it funny, disgusting.

Since when is threatening someone’s life funny? Since when is threatening someone’s life the choice we should make when they do something better than we do? Since when have mom’s been so insecure about their skills that they would hire a hit-man (unless, of course, their daughters are cheerleaders)?

Now, of course I realize the absurdity of the campaign. I am not inclined to find a hit-man to whack the King based on this sorry example. But what kind of asinine message is this campaign sending to children – the very demographic that Burger King hopes to receive its future money from? This campaign is stupid, insulting, and a tragic indication of how ridiculous many large corporations believe the American consumer to be.


3 responses to “Burger King gets no more $$ from me…

  1. I don’t like the campaign either and it’s just one more example of “violence is the answer to your problems” that our kids get bombarded with on a daily basis. Ugh!

  2. I am to very outraged that this commercial could have been approved by so many people in the Burger King corporation. They are promoting the killing of people and my small children saw this!

  3. Christ, get over it. It’s a commercial.

    I suppose you boycott Tom and Jerry cartoons, since he is planning and plotting and hiring hitmen to kill as well right?

    Or, is that ok because it is in cartoon format?

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