Took the boys to Maymont Park today. Nice day for it.

Maymont is the Victorian era home of railroad magnate James Dooley and his wife Sallie. It’s one of the favorite landmarks in Richmond, and a hugely popular site for weddings and such. There’s also an animal farm and nature center, which the kids love. It was lovely today, in all its fall colors.


The boys at the nature center:


Lookin’ at the animals:


Lovely foliage and fighting children:



I think I’m going next week to a wreath-making class here. We have this crazy old wreath that Hubby’s dad made forever ago, but Hubby won’t let me leave it in the attic. Maybe if I make one myself, Hubby will let me hang it instead…

Here’s Maymont from the James River:

Pretty, huh? I encourage y’all to visit.


2 responses to “Maymont

  1. Very cool. I like the new digs too, it’s very, “crisp.” No, I don’t know what that means, it’s just what popped into my head. 🙂

  2. Hey, I like the new look!

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