Hi, guys. Been a while. In keeping with Scalzi’s Law, here’s a pic of a cat:

I have a lot of ground to cover, as I haven’t written in a couple of weeks. First up – Halloween. Then I’ll get to my high school reunion, then probably talk some more about my kids, and then I’ll be all caught up!

Trick-or-treating this Halloween was a big ole’ letdown. I took the kids to my mother-in-law’s neighborhood, thinking the pickings would be riper there (Hubby said he cleaned up when he was young). Not so much. I think trick-or-treating is going the way of the dodo. Bummer.

So I took the boys to a local church where they were having a festival. That was fun. The boys rode  a gyroscope, bounced in a moon-bounce, and rode a slide that looked like the Titanic while listening to a pretty good band. They had a much better time doing that, so like many of my contemporaries, I think next year I’ll just take them to the festival and buy the candy the day after when it’s 50% off!

“Dark” Vader and the Demon:


Youngest Son as Elvis:


Middle Son as Stewie:


OK, so gotta go run some errands, but I’ll be back later tonight. Hope to hear from y’all in the comments – let me know you’re still out there!


4 responses to “Halloween

  1. We’re all still here… lurking behind the shadows until you post, and then BAM a comment. Mwahahahahaha!

    Seriously though, glad things are going well. I’m particularly fond of the Elvis outfit. 🙂 Also, regarding quality candy haul — I find our kids do best when we hit the businesses on main street of our little town. The houses are so spread out, that main street ends up being an impromptu parade of little ghouls. And kids too. 😉

  2. We had a tremendous Halloween here. I ran out of candy and was handing out granola bars by the end.

    Great costumes!

  3. I’m still here!!

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