I Don’t Like My Government

I generally don’t post about politics here, as the current state of the Union makes me heartsick, and I don’t really want to argue with strangers about it, but lately I’ve been feeling that I have to say something. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Bush’s approval rating is 32%. The AP poll has him at 31%. That means that 68% to 69% of Americans do not agree with the Bush Administration’s policies, or think that we are accurately represented by our President. I am heartily with the majority, and am disgusted by our current government and its stated priorities. 

The recent trump by congress of Bush’s desire to ignore Turkish genocide of Armenians has both pleased me – that there are some public servants still in the government with a soul – and offended me, as Bush and his cronies attempt to bully Congress in order to preserve a refueling station and war ally. We’re talking about genocide, and the President wants to table it until after the Iraq war (?) is over, so we can get the most military use out of Turkey. Repulsive. 

Add to that the mudslinging going on with S-chip legislation (admittedly flung by both sides, and also admittedly over flawed legislation, but the GOP has big black eyes over this one), the private mercenaries employed by the Executive Branch in Iraq, the constant stomping on civil rights and liberal translation of the Constitution the Bush administration is famous for, among many, many other things, and I’m at wit’s end. 2008 can not get here fast enough for me. 

Sadly, there are no real standouts in the current crop of candidates. It’s the same hodge-podge of characters that got His Accidency elected in the first place, and then put us through it for another 4 years. Who knew after September 11 that the administration could be so colossally stupid? And what a tragic fact that the American people didn’t have many better alternatives. 

I have been trying to follow the ‘Think globally, act locally’ idea, and get involved in city council. And I try to vote wisely, and discuss wise voting with friends and loved ones. I am all about fixing the problem in this country, and this is where I have chosen to begin, as this is something real that I can do, other than complain.  I’m open to suggestions, but be warned: try to talk here like they did on Bock’s site, and I won’t even mention you before I delete you.

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