Crazy Person, Nerd Queen, and Heroes FanGirl

Heroes Season 2 premiered last Monday night. Couldn’t friggin believe how excited I was. Couldn’t think of anything else for a good portion of the evening. ‘Three hours to Heroes’ says my internal monologue as I’m shampooing the rug (again) (goddamn dog). ‘Two hours to Heroes!’ sings my inner child as I’m developing dishpan hands. ‘One hour! Almost there!’ shouts the sci-fi dork extraordinare lurking beneath my hausfrau veneer, as I’m praying I’ll fold enough little-boy socks from this basket to save me from doing it again this week. Then – der Tag! It’s finally HERE!

And I was so annoyed with my life and distracted by my family at this point that I couldn’t focus, and missed ALL the subtitles. I had to catch it online after the kids went to bed the next night. 

I think I understand that Peter’s alive, Nathan’s a drunk, Mama Patrelli is evil incarnate (which of course we knew), and HRG is the big-billy-bass-ass I always knew he was. Maya kills people in a really gross way, even if she doesn’t want to (I half expected to see Grissom slipping on gloves in that scene). Mohinder may not actually be a wuss. This Midas guy has potential (I liked him in Sneakers). Claire’s new boyfriend can fly (He’s called Emotard on TVGasm, which I don’t know is a fair assessment, though all that “robot” or “alien” nonsense was such an obvious demographic grab I was really disappointed in Kring.)

So here are my questions: why is Molly with Parkman and not Niki/Jessica and D.L.? (I had some cutesy ideas about Molly and Micah when they grow up.) Who’s the guy that killed George Takei? How did Nathan hit the wall so hard so fast?

These and other pressing questions will maybe be answered tonight, maybe answered this season, and maybe turned into something else entirely.


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