Enough With the Stupid Spending, Already!

Hear about this?The US Navy is spending $600K to alter a building so that it doesn’t look like a swastika from space. Are they worried that the extra-terrestrials monitoring Earth are SS agents? Afraid anyone using Google Earth are going to think that the US Navy are Nazi supporters? This is just idiotic. (Thanks, Doug’s Darkworld, for the story.)



2 responses to “Enough With the Stupid Spending, Already!

  1. What’s idiotic is that this building shaped like this was built in the first place. Didn’t anyone look at the schematics and think, “Gee, maybe this design isn’t a very good one for a US Navy building”?


  2. I have to agree that was a bonehead move. I imagine the architect was thinking more along the lines of effective use of space and efficiency and whatnot. Whatever else a swastika is, it is efficient.

    But I think spending over half a mil in taxpayer money is perpetuating nonsense.

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