The James River

A River Morn

Just swiped this photo of the James River a bit west of us in the Blue Ridge mountains titled “A River Morn” from D.L. Ennis at  Visual Thoughts – and it’s lovely. It’s so easy to forget I live 1/2 mile from this kind of beauty. Especially this season – early fall is the very best time to live in Virginia, in my opinion. This is a pic I took of the James River just up the road from me:

Note to self: get out to the river more often! You know, stop and smell the roses and all that.

Oooh! And another one I swiped from D.L. Ennis. The James north and west of us. I think I’ll leave the photography to the professionals. This one is “Paint Me A Picture of Autumn Anew.”

Paint Me a Picture of Autumn Anew


One response to “The James River

  1. It looks beautiful and oh so tranquil! Thanks for posting, it reminds me of what nature is supposed to look like… (not surrounded in concrete).

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