My Summer Vacation…

…is over. All in all, it was fine. I’m glad school’s back, though. As are the boys. They didn’t realize how bored they were.

I got some good pics of the kids in various summer-fun-type situations. I tried to get pics of Hubby, but as he’s photo-phobic, I kept getting pictures of the back of his head. I did get one or two good ones of him at the Renaissance Faire in Annapolis last weekend. That was a great time. Jousts and elephants and turkey legs and people walking around in armor and tights (and those jester costumes are really snug. I saw some very attractive backsides). The shows were pretty good, too. I have been ear-wormed for a week by two nuns singing about the five constipated men in the Bible. (The first was Cain, and he wasn’t able. Hee!)

Some highlights:

Middle Son, Youngest Son, and BFF’s daughter at Busch Gardens, trying to Irish jig to the music of a mechanical leprechaun:


Middle Son and Youngest Son in the stocks:


Oldest Son pelting opponents with water balloons:


The whole fam-damily dressed like idiots (um, like a village wench, a friar, a squire, Robin Hood, and a pirate) at the Renn Faire:


 And a good time was had by all!


One response to “My Summer Vacation…

  1. Looks like y’all having a great time!

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