The previous entry got me thinking of headstones and cemeteries, and so I naturally thought of this. I had the good fortune to travel to Rome and see this glorious thing up close and personal. I went to the Protestant Cemetery to see Shelly and Keats, because I’m a nerd like that, but was moved beyond words when I stumbled upon this gorgeous creature.

I then did a little looking in to the artist and the woman he sculpted this for. His name was William Story, and he was 75 years old when he sculpted this for his wife, Emelyn. About her, he said, “She was my life, my joy, my stay and help in all things.” They are buried next to one another, as William died shortly after finishing the sculpture. They appeared to have a wonderful life together.



One response to “Beautiful

  1. That is incredible. Absolutely stunning, breathtaking. Wow.

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