Thank God for AAA.

There I was, idiot extraordinary, stuck on the side of the road and out of gas. 1/8th of a mile from the gas station. The boys thought it was hilarious (we were on our way home from middle school orientation).

Hubby didn’t think it was so funny.

AAA came and gave me some gas. I – and the boys – are home safe, with gas in the tank.

Thanks, Hubby, for paying for the AAA membership. Thanks to the skinny pimply kid who got me to the gas station. Thanks to my boys for not making me homicidal on the side of the road.

Thanks to all the motorists who did not hit me, kill me, or make me want to kill them. There is good in the world, after all. (Even if not one of you ass-wipes bothered to stop for a stranded woman and her children, and made me wait over an hour for AAA to come rescue us. At least we didn’t have to call 911, you wankers.)

Ah, good in the world…

One response to “Stranded

  1. For the record, I thought it was pretty funny too.

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