I Could Use Parenting Advice

Youngest Son decided to stay up all night. I decided to let him. There were a number of factors involved in this decision:

 #1: I tried this on my parents when I was about his age. They let me try. I fell asleep about an hour later on the floor.

 #2: This is the same child who fell asleep sitting up during dinner at Outback just two nights ago. This child would sleep upside down dangling from a drain pipe. This kid hits the wall hard – often – and I figured it was all bunk and he’d be asleep in nothing flat.

Bad decision making on my part. It is 12:48am, I am completely knackered, and the urchin is still awake, occasionally wandering into the bathroom. I’m ready to go bonk him on the head with something to make him sleep. I am seriously questioning my parenting skills.

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