I did it!

Unbelievably enough after the week we’ve had, Hubby and I and my best friend brought our assorted progeny to Busch Gardens, and I met the challenge Hubby set for me oh so long ago…

I rode the Gryphon! Yea, me!

Actually, it wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be, and Hubby agrees. But what the heck, as a metaphor, it works great! Dangling in the air, no floor under us, side by side and praying, and then thrill! – and when it’s over we just want to hop back on again…


2 responses to “I did it!

  1. I used to love rides like this. Then I got old. Now I have to take Dramamine to even ride in the back seat of a car. Ugh.

    You give me that motion sickness medicine though, and I’m a WILD MAN. I’ll sit in the back seat, AND read a book. Even on a curvy road!

    I used to be cool. I promise.

  2. You’re brave.I’ll parachute out/of of anything or fly any p.o.s experimental/home built death trap out there but you won’t get me near a rollercoaster.

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