Dad’s Mormon. Mom’s Christian Scientist. I’m Screwed.

Dad was born and raised Mormon in Salt Lake City. Mom, from California but born in Boston, is one generation removed from Mary Baker Eddy. Grandma worked directly for Herself, which is where she met Grandpa. By the time they met each other, my parents had pretty much thrown their hands up on the whole religion idea, so when we went to church as kids, it was to a Unitarian church.

I married a lapsed Catholic.

So of course, with this weird heritage and mixed-bag of religion, we take our kids to an Episcopal church. (Hubby refers to this as ‘Catholic lite.’)

I have real trouble understanding the divides between people of different religions. I honestly can’t wrap my mind around the idea of fighting a war over opposing spiritualities. Especially when the war is being fought between different sects of the same religion. That anyone would single out a group of people to despise because they read a different book, or don’t read all of the same book, or interpret the same book differently… it just makes no sense to me. And it’s frustrating.

I mean, while I tend to be a bit naiive, I’m not lost in the “Why can’t we all just get along?” void of cluelessness. I understand the basics. I’ve read most of the books, too. (I’m in the process of reading the Quoran, but I’ve read most of the others.) It’s a mystery for the ages, especially considering that most of the world religions include peaceful prophets and merciful deities.

Especially to think that there are people on this planet that would kill me or my children simply because I’m an American. That truly boggles my mind.

I’ve been trying to understand the situation in Israel. I think it’s too much for me. I think I need to go back to college and take a class on world religion and culture, just so I can understand things like the situation around the Persian Gulf. Mystifying.


2 responses to “Dad’s Mormon. Mom’s Christian Scientist. I’m Screwed.

  1. Actually, it should be easy to see why different ideologies fight. We are most offended when someone tries to redefine us without our permission. “You’re a …fill in the blank.” Good, bad, or indifferent, sometimes I take offense when I’m labeled. To many, their relationship with God, or Allah, or Mr. Big, or whatever is very personal. When someone has a divergent view of the all-mighty, it makes those who do not share that view, at the very least, nervous. The only ideologies you don’t hear a lot of conflict are those who do not preach that theirs is the only true faith and everyone else must be converted or they’ll end up crispy. It is not a huge leap to think, “I’d better convert or kill as many unbelievers or I’m in big trouble come judgment day.” If your faith will stand between me and eternal reward, you can be damn (excuse the pun) sure I’ll be HIGHLY motivated to get you in the ‘right’ frame of mind.

  2. You’re a very smart man. Oh, and did I mention that you have a terrific ass?

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