Today is A Day to Remember

The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima after the dropping of Little Boy.

I am so very touched by Hiroshima City, and their effort to continue the cause of peace and nuclear disarmament.

When I was younger, every year on this day my church group and I would tape chalk outlines on street corners, to remind people of the bombing.

Today, I didn’t even hear a rememberance on the radio on the way to work. No one at the office has mentioned it.

Whatever your politics on this issue (many think the bombing won the war and saved lives, many feel very differently), this is not an event that should go unremembered.


(Hiroshima Peace Memorial)

Stats for the Hiroshima Bombing, August 6, 1945 from The Avalon Project:

Estimates of Casualties    Hiroshima

Pre-raid population            255,000

Dead                                  66,000

Injured                               69,000

Total Casualties                135,000
hiro3.gif (95769 bytes)


2 responses to “Today is A Day to Remember

  1. I just hope they realize that it was Japanese imperialism that ultimately caused the bombing.

  2. Thanks for this. It’s important to take a moment and reflect on this terrible crime against humanity.

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