Darth Vader & Pop Culture References

Hubby has always been good at peppering his conversation with interesting pop culture references. Some examples:

A yard that has been painstakingly landscaped has been “Miaggi-fied.”

When the children get especially frustrated with us, Hubby is concerned the boys will go “Menendez” on us.

There are many more, and I’ll post them as they ‘pop’ into my head (hee!), but my favorite is a fairly recent example.

Hubby and I watch Numb3rs. Last season, the cliff-hanger was that one of the trusted agents on the Epps team turned out to be spying for the Chinese. Now we’re in summer re-runs, but we still try to catch the episodes we missed the first time around. We were watching one of these episodes the other day, and Hubby complained that it was no good to watch these any more, as we know this guy is a traitor, and so we can have no sympathy for him. Hubby refered to this as “The Anakin Effect.”


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