What Was I Thinking?

I posted an article about porn yesterday, responding to something a girlfriend of mine said that I didn’t agree with.

I have not changed my opinion on the subject, and I’m sure it’ll come out over time, but I have removed the post. It was drawing attention to this site from some web searches that I don’t want lurking around here. (Not you ‘Whateverites.’ I LOVE you guys!) I’ve got a family, and I want to be able to post openly about them, so it looks like it’s one or the other. Sorry. Thanks to those who responded, though, and I’m sorry I had to delete your thoughtful and funny comments along with the post. Be thoughtful and funny again, why don’t’cha?


2 responses to “What Was I Thinking?

  1. Ha! My post about Dido, wherein I deliberately miisspelled that enchanting singer songwriter’s name and followed it with the word ‘bashing’ got hits from some pretty heavy google searches.

    People are all messed up, to varying degrees.

    It’s a real pity though because it was a fab post. Keep ’em coming. Non-sexually.

  2. It’s funny how one self-censors in this medium, isn’t it? I haven’t yanked a post yet, but I have written a couple and then trashed them before publishing because I thought they might attract unwanted attention, and I wondered if they might give people the wrong idea about what interests me.

    I suppose that as one goes on blogging, the process of deciding what to blog about and what not to becomes more automatic and less self-conscious.

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