Baltimore Inner Harbor and Science Museum


After a harrowing (and I’m not kidding – it truly sucked. Two full hours longer than it should have been due to asinine behavior on the part of my fellow travelers on 95N) drive to Potomac, MD, we had a lovely meal with the Grand ‘Rents. Then – how COOL is this?! – Hubby and I dumped the boys off with Grandpa and Grandma J and went to the Marriott. Hee!

The next day, the whole herd went to Baltimore Inner Harbor. Now, I haven’t been to the Inner Harbor, other than drive-bys, since I was a young teenager, and I’d always thought of the place as a hole. Imagine my surprise, then, when we arrived at a lovely, scenic spot, full of things to see and do and enjoy. There were street musicians, lively pubs, tons of great restaurants, water-taxis, boat tours, submarines (thanks, no. Been there, done that, felt so claustrophobic I nearly had to breathe in a paper sack then had awful imaginings of implosions for many months after. Not for me – but maybe I’ll let Hubby take the boys one day), and neat museums and stuff. So much stuff, in fact, that Hubby and I are planning a weekend trip as soon as is manageable.

We took the boys to the Science Museum, and here are some of the things we did:

Youngest Son created Pangaea:


Oldest Son macked on Hottie:


All the Boys (3 sons, 2 nephews) and the triceratops:


Middle Son and Oldest Son as ISS Astronauts:


Me and All My Boys:


I think I may have to create a Flickr site, hmm…? Now I just need to figure out how. Not to mention how to put posts “after the jump”. Can any of you more advanced folks let me know how to go about this?


One response to “Baltimore Inner Harbor and Science Museum

  1. The space suits rock!

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