Drunk astronauts? Holy orbital hangovers, Batman! But after Lisa Nowack went bugshit last winter, I’ll believe anything.

Sabotage? Why? Pissed he wasn’t eligible for benefits? Maybe he was looking for press after the hullabaloo the computer screw-up caused at ISS. (At least that wasn’t NASA.) No names have been released, so I’m guessing it wasn’t terrorism. Just somebody gone buggy.

Add Burt Rutan and Branson into the mix (not to mention Victoria Principal), and the future’s not looking too good for NASA these days. Sad. (Though things aren’t going too well for Rutan, either.) I hope this doesn’t send us into a no space flight tailspin.

I used to go to NASA Langley every couple of weeks, and they were awfully nice folks over there. I even achieved a small measure of fame. They were performing a wind tunnel experiment that I was allowed to watch. About five minutes into the experiment, the giant wing attached to the wall fell off. Hard. Couldn’t hear it, though (wind tunnel – duh). I said, offhandedly, “Dontcha hate that?” The guys around me just looked at me blankly, but two weeks later on the chalkboard in the hallway, someone wrote:

Quote of the week: Don’t you hate it when your wings fall off?

I didn’t even think it was funny, but heck, geek humor is sometimes over my head.

14Foot_Wind_Tunnel - 2 


One response to “Oh, NASA…

  1. Hello there,
    Thanks for dropping by over at mine.I was walking past a display case containing one of the infamous astronaut diapers a few minutes ago.It put me in mind of you.Heh.
    I’ll get me coat.

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