Genarlow Wilson – more stupidity in Georgia

wilson_200.jpg Photo from NPR


I can’t actually comment too much on this from my own opinion just now, as I’ll go off on a rant that I may never recover from, and my boys are trying to sleep. But here’s the update from Genarlow’s lawyer:

Genarlow Wilson Update: July 20, 2007


The Georgia Supreme Court granted Wilson’s request for an expedited [EXPEDITED?! The kid’s been in jail for over two years for having SEX! Yeah, fast work there, Georgia] hearing and the Court will hear his legal pleas on Friday, July 20th at 10 am.

The argument will focus on 2 issues.  The first argument will be dealing with the denial of bond.  Wilson’s bond hearing scheduled for July 5th was canceled by Superior Court Judge David Emerson in Douglas County and he dismissed the request. 

The second argument will be about the grant of habeas relief that Wilson won in the Superior Court of Monroe County, Georgia.  The Attorney General of Georgia [aka the dickwad] filed an appeal of the order to release Genarlow Wilson and thus he remains in prison.  Wilson’s lawyer will argue the legal points that the Monroe County Judge was correct that his imprisonment is cruel and unusual punishment.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.  Genarlow, his mother and I all thank you.  “An individual can fight an injustice but it take a community to do justice “

BJ Bernstein

I just can’t believe this kind of thing is still happening. I used to live in Georgia, have vacationed there many times with my family, and have nothing but fond memories of the place. But this is beyond fucking belief. LET THE KID OUT OF JAIL, APOLOGIZE, AND KISS HIS ASS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, YOU NONSENSICAL ASS-WIPES!


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