Adventures in relocation.

single-smartbox-cutout.gifSo, we’re going to attempt to sell our house, and then attempt to purchase a new one. After some personal experience, and much outside advice, we’ve decided this is the way to do it. We have heard many stories from friends and acquaintances who have purchased a new home first, then been stuck with two mortgages as their old homes refuse to sell. Not us, dammit! We’re doing things the smart way!

That said – I have become a junkie. I’ve been sending links of homes I like to Hubby – “I could live here, Babe! Buy my this one, OK?” Hubby, much more practical in these things that I, generally responds with something akin to, “mmmm ‘k.”

We have two SmartBox crates in our driveway, boxes and crap everywhere inside, and I am feeling, well, I can’t even express properly how I’m feeling. Hopeful, surely. Stressed, definitely. Overwhelmed? Doesn’t cover it.

Hubby had to take an unexpected trip to Princeton this week. Another week of me and the boys, and now I have this mamoth reminder of responsibility in my driveway, constantly letting me know what a slacker ass I am.

Hubby and I had grand plans to get the boxes loaded this weekend. But… I haven’t seen him in a week, we had the house to ourselves… you do the math. Not to mention the assload of homework Hubby had to turn in for his M.E., the burning need to see ‘Hairspray,’ and the amazingly expensive sushi we had to eat (in a kick-ass restaurant in Carytown that we will be returning to as often as possible), and nary a box is loaded. Or, in the immortal words of fellow blogger, Gimme a minute, we “couldn’t be arsed.”

So that leaves me with a ton of crap all over the house, no driveway, an absent spouse, and three small boys who are as we speak screaming at each other for hogging the popcorn while watching ‘How to Eat Fried Worms.’

And what am I doing? Ladies and Gentlemen, who will be the first to nominate me for Mother of the Year?

One response to “Adventures in relocation.

  1. Well, hell. I just typed out a huge response and it all got deleted when the site refused to post it, and now I have a meeting at 1015 so I can’t retype. To sum up: Hope you’re well, email me as calling doesn’t seem to work for either of us any longer, hang in there, and think of me when you use the popcorn bowl. Love to you and all four boys! ~Kel

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