Harry Potter Spoilers

story.jpgHubby just left the room, practically dancing, and shouting “It’s OVER!” I guess he’s happy all the Harry-hype has ended.

The spoilers I’ve been able to find:

  • Snape’s a good guy. (That’s the only part I truly cared about.)
  • Eventually, Harry and Ginny marry, as do Ron and Hermione. They all have kids that end up going to Hogwarts.
  • Voldemort kills Harry, but Harry comes back to life¬†because Voldemort can’t kill him for various reasons. But as Harry did die, the horcrux part of him is gone, so Harry is able to kill Voldemort. (Obviously, Harry and the Gang found all the other ones and destroyed them.)
  • Lupin and Tonks die, but not before having a son (Teddy).
  • Voldemort kills Snape. Snape shares his memory with Harry before he dies.

There’s more at Wikipedia, if you’re interested. I’m just glad I don’t have to go spend $20 on a hardcover – with my burning question answered, I can wait for the paperback!

Am I going to get sued now?


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