The Cliche Rotation Project

I found this post from defective yeti, and had to swipe it. What fun! He’s got a new list being generated over at his blog, so go forth and be Newly Hot with your cliches!

My Favorites: (I tried to swipe the whole table, but I just managed to completely mangle the page, so I’ll give you snippets and direct you to defective yeti.)

The coast is clear” becomes “The porn is deleted” (John Taylor)

“Come hell or high water” becomes “Even if they send in Chinese tanks” (Rob Cockerham)

It’s a win-win situation.” becomes “Everyone gets ice cream!” (Alkelda the Gleeful)

“Looking for a needle in a haystack” becomes “Trying to find a clock in a casino” (Angus Stocking) 

“More fun than a barrel of monkeys” becomes “More fun than 20 yards of bubble wrap” (Diesel)

“Nice guys finish last” becomes “No one remembers Ivan the Wonderful”(Lung the Younger)

“Playing second fiddle” becomes “[Ask] Jeeves in a Google world” (Mud)

And finally…

He’s yesterday’s news” becomes “He’s a stamp-licker” (David LaMotte)




3 responses to “The Cliche Rotation Project

  1. This was a really good idea. Glad you liked the bubble wrap one, but I think pretty much all of them are better than mine. I love the Ivan the Wonderful one.

  2. Clock in a casino. Hee hee. First noticed there’s no such thing back in…uh, well, never mind.

  3. Hubby thought “The porn is deleted” was the best. Gee, I wonder why?

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