Hot Wrestling Women

Last night I took Middle Son and Youngest Son to the Chick Fil-A and the play place there, while Hubby had Eldest Son doing Boy Scouty Things. On the way home, after playing with lots of girls, Youngest Son said, “Mommy, I’m going to grow up and marry a hot woman.” Not to be outdone, Middle Son says, “Yeah, and I’m going to grow up and marry a hot wrestler woman!” These boys are six and seven. Hmmm…


So Hubby is heading west with Middle Son this morning (I had Youngest with me heading north, while Eldest was on a bus heading east), and Middle Son says, “Am I in trouble?” Always a smoke signal, that question. Hubby considers this for a moment before asking, “Why, whadja do?” Middle Son answers, “I told Mom I wanted to marry a hot wrestler woman.” Hubby (parenting tour-de-force!) responds that while not all men like the muscle-bound look on women, he personally thinks there are some wrestler women who are – indeed – hot. “Good!” exclaims Middle Son. Then, apparently in the Joey from Friends tone of voice we all know so well, “Then we have something in common.”

No more TV for the boys.


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