Family Reunion

This weekend is a family reunion at Mom’s place. Four generations will represent. This has caused me to do some reminiscing. This, and a DVD slide-show I made for my Dad’s birthday in May. Lots of photos of my youth. Not always a good time, looking at what was, but bittersweet. For your viewing pleasure: my childhood:

In front of the much-lamented Porshe that Dad had to give up in favor of more family-frindly vehicles. I think this was Salt Lake City.


Big Bro and me at GC.

Grand Canyon

Just smilin’.


Big Bro, me, and Little Bro #1

Chris, Me, Chip

I was the only player to score a home-run! (The fact that the other team overthrew all three bases had nothing to do with it! I rocked the diamond, I tell you!)


Dig the ‘chops on Dad! And introducing Little Bro #2. In our DC home.


At the ranch in Winnemucca, NV.

Home on the Range

Skipping ahead: The results of this childhood:


All my life’s a circle, ya know?


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