Emma Bull has a new book coming!

So, about 10 years ago now I picked a book up off of the shelves (Finder), and enjoyed it very much. For nine years after that, I scanned the shelves for something by this author (easy to do as she was one shelf-step away from my beloved OSC), and came up zero. Then I started paying attention to this whole Internet thing, and discovered you can ‘Find’ almost anything on here. Remembering her name, I re-found Emma Bull, and happiness ensued. And now I hear she and her husband Will Shetterly, are going on a book tour! Hooray! Her new book, Territory, got a stellar write-up by James Vandermeer at SciFi Weekly. I’m going to the book store today – if it’s there I’ll pick it up! Yippee! Another author to love! WooHoo!



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