Foster Care vs. Home Service

This is a near and dear issue to me at the moment, as I work with at-risk youth, and my organization is considering expanding to home care. I can’t help but note: this study was done by an economics professor. Not someone who has spent much time in child / family services. Doesn’t negate his findings, just colors them a tad. Whaddaya think?


One response to “Foster Care vs. Home Service

  1. It all seems a little inconclusive either way. If it’s the case in the US that even the merest hint of dysfunctionality leads to the break up of families then it would seem that the pendulum needs to swing the other way.

    Common sense would dictate that even when a parent is not Ned Flanders (to use a cliché of perfection) they are still the parent. And almost all of us love, and take comfort from our parents on some level. And when we can never truly know or understand the dynamics of a family from an exterior perspective, it’s always going to be an extremely difficult line to draw.

    There’s two overly wordy paragraphs to express: ‘um, I dunno…’

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